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The Saskatchewan Soil Conservation Association (SSCA) is a non-profit, producer-based organization whose mission is to "promote conservation agriculture systems that improve the land and environment for future generations.

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Latest projects

SSCA Crop Yield Estimator

Many important farm management decisions occur in the month before harvest, such as split N application...

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SSCA Spray Quality Finder

This app either identifies the nozzle and its spray quality installed on a sprayer...

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SSCA Tank Mix Calculator

This tool is intended as a guide to a spray operation. The user enters...

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SSCA Flag This!

This app works with Google Maps, allowing users to gps flag a location...

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SSCA Harvest Loss Calculator

The first step in minimizing harvest losses is to quantify them.

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SSCA Fertilizer Blend Calculator

This calculator requires a user to enter the desired N-P-K-S fertility for a field...

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