Sheri Strydhorst

Sheri Strydhorst, PhD, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Crop Research and Extension Division, Barrhead, Alberta, and Adjunct Professor, University of Alberta
(Photo credit: Jennifer Blair)

Sheri joined Alberta Agriculture in 2013 and is conductingagronomic research on cereal crops and plant growth regulators. Prior to this, she was the executive director of the Alberta Pulse Growers Commission. Sheri and her family have a grain farm in the Neerlandia area.

“Managing Wheat to Make the Most of a Tough Growing Season: Lessons From 2015”: 2015 was a tough growing season - a cool spring, dry growing conditions, insects, heat and early fall frosts. While not all areas faced these problems, everyone faced some challenges. With data from five locations, we will take a look at the successes and failures of agronomic practices on many different wheat classes and cultivars.