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Issue No. 17 - Winter 1996

Farmers from across western Canada, met at the Regina Exhibition Grounds February 14 and 15 to attend the Saskatchewan Soil Conservation Association's (SSCA) annual Direct Seeding Workshop.

With Over 850 in attendance, farmer interest in direct seeding continues to be strong. "The whole idea of the conference was to give farmers the most up to date information available on direct seeding and how to implement these practices on our farms," says SSCA President Lorne Crosson.

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Issue No. 16 - Fall/Winter 1995

I have learned at least one thing over my career in agriculture (almost 20 years now which means my kids are probably right when they say I'm not as young as I think I am).

When looking for crop production information, farmers trust other farmers as much or more than those of us in the agrologist profession. Researchers and extension workers rank up there pretty high as do most farm input retailers. Chemical reps can rank anywhere from just below the former group to right near the bottom when the only time a farmer calls you is after he has read the label and loaded the 12 gauge.

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Issue No. 15 - Summer 1995

Wet, sticky, heavy clay soil and heavy residue is what the companies demonstrating at SSCA's Soil Conservation Field Day Found at the site located four miles north of Indian Head on highway 56.

These wet conditions, typical of seeding conditions in eastern Saskatchewan this spring, provided a definite challenge for the equipment being demonstrated on June 20. The 800 farmers who attended seemed to really appreciate seeing the equipment operate under the tough seeding conditions faced by farmers every year. We had comments from both farmers and agricultural researchers that these were the most realistic conditions we have had for our field day.

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