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Issue No. 24 - Summer 1998

I would like to address some significant points in order to expand on the potential for soils as carbon sinks.

For action to happen, we need to consider: 1. The crucial role of farmers. 2. The remarkable contribution soils can make in achieving targets. 3. Agricultural strategies that can be undertaken right now. Farmers must be included to enable carbon sequestration in soils. It will be up to thousands of farmers like me to turn the abstract into reality. Carbon sequestration, potentially a successful part of our nation's Greenhouse Gas Reduction Plan is essentially an agricultural program. Farmers will be needed at all stages to make this proposition work.

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Issue No. 23 - Winter 1998

1400 farmers from across western Canada and northern U.S.

Met at the Regina Exhibition Park, February 11 and 12, to attend the Saskatchewan Soil Conservation association's annual Direct Seeding Conference. This was our largest direct seeding conference ever. This is also the second time the conference has been soldout (the 1993 Conference in Moose Jaw also soldout).

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Issue No. 22 - Fall 1997

Back in the fall of 1986, Don Flaten, Soils Specialist with Sask.

Agriculture & Food at the time, talked to Jim Halford one day and mentioned that it was time Saskatchewan had a soil conservation group similar to ACTS and ManDak. Jim agreed. And so the wheels for the organization of a soil conservation group in Saskatchewan were set into motion.

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