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Issue No. 27 - Summer 1999

In 1999, the SSCA held two direct seeding field days, one in the north and one in the south.

While attendance was down at both field days due to the late spring, the field days were a success with 300 producers attending each day. Producers were able to see the latest equipment in action and make side by side comparisons. Both sites will be signed for viewing over the summer.

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Issue No. 26 - Winter 1999

Recent developments in having soils accepted as part of the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Plans are generally positive.

There has been a lot of activity south of the border. At a conference near Washington, D.C., it was apparent the US Administration is very favorably disposed to agricultural soils playing a role in the US response to Kyoto. Americans signed the Kyoto Protocol at the Buenos Aires round of negotiations. This agreement must be ratified before it becomes official. My understanding is that the next US Presidential campaign may well have a strong environmental component.

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Issue No. 25 - Fall 1998

In cooperation with the AgriFood Innovation Fund, a study was started this spring.

To deal with some of the problems and techniques that come with the introduction of broadleaf crops such as peas, lentils and mustard into annual rotations that contained a high presence of cereals. The south central area is an area in transition, as it attempts to deal with the decisions associated with the introduction of non-wheat type crops.

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