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Issue No. 30 - Summer 2000

There's a story going around about an experienced farmer who says that in the 50 years since he's been farming, he hasn't seen a normal spring yet.

But to those with good memories or completediaries, the early spring of 2000 has seemed a lot like 1988. The differencebetween the two springs, however, is that the dust storms we had in '88 weren'tas prevalent in 2000.

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Issue No. 29 - Spring 2000

On February 9th, Guy and Lucie Baillargeon were presented the Royal Bank 2000 Farm Family of the Year Award.

This husband and wife team, along with their children, has been using minimum till practices for the last 20 years and has been direct seeding for four years. Their marginal land has been seeded into forages and their low areas have been left in the natural habitat state. They have spread straw and fed livestock on their knolls as a means of increasing soil organic matter.

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Issue No. 28 - Winter 2000

Hello to fellow SSCA Members. This is my first contribution to the Prairie Steward and I am very honored to do so.

I have been on the Board since February of '95 and moved to the President's position at last year's conference. The high quality of the Board and Staff that the Association has been able to attract is truly a testament to its strength. It continues to be a vital source of information for producers that are interested in implementing direct seeding on their farms.

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