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Issue No. 35 - Spring 2002

"Wish we had seeded more oats on our farm", was one of the comments made by the Hon. Clay Serby, Minister of Agriculture, when he addressed the Prairie Oat Growers' Association Annual Meeting in December, 2001.

Judging by the chuckles and the number of nodding heads in the near capacity crowd, there were a lot of producers who agreed with him. Especially with oat prices hovering in that $3/bushel range. While the price of oats has growers excited, oats as a regular part of a rotation works well when winter wheat is also included in the rotation. The key to seeding oats and then winter wheat is to seed the oats EARLY! At the POGA meeting, a couple of researchers presented material that showed seeding oats early has a number of benefits.

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Issue No. 34 - Winter 2002

In 1999, Laurence Pellizzari had to do the same fall work as many of his neighbours. The producer banded N on his sandy loam textured soils northwest of Paynton so that he could make a single pass at seeding time.

But Laurence was frustrated by the fact that he had to make two passes to get both his nutrients and his seed into the ground. Another frustration was the harrowing he had to do to get a smooth surface on the fields that were going to be seeded to canola. It seemed that this was the only method that allowed him to control seeding depth for canola to his satisfaction.

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Issue No. 33 - Summer 2001

Do you want to get into direct seeding but are having a hard time seeing over the mountain of dollars needed to make a system work? Following are some low budget ideas that, along with some shop time, would help set up residue management in your seeding system.

Ed Beauchesne and his wife Marguerite are veterans at direct seeding. They farm at Albertville northeast of P.A. Of course they grow pretty big straw crops some years. When Ed started direct seeding he was threshing with a John Deere 7721. He beefed up the straw chopper on this combine by bolting 2 swather knife sections on the end of each hammer. He says they don't cut his straw up too fine.

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