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Issue No. 41 - Spring 2004

“Beef cattle produce more than 90% of the greenhouse gases contributed by the livestock sector.”Ouch..

But other than the environment why should we care about statistics like these? Because, these emissions represent a loss of costly feed energy and nutrient inputs. So, where does one start? “Improving pasture quality will improve profitability, productivity and reduce Green House Gases (GHGs),” says Dr. John Basarab, a research scientist with the Western Forage Beef Group in Lacombe, Alberta. The relationship between forage quality and methane emissions is startling.

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Issue No. 40 - Winter 2004

A few issues ago I wrote an article on pesticide free production (PFP), that is, not using pesticides on the crop during the growing season.

Fertilizer and a pre-seeding application of Roundup may be applied, but no in-crop herbicide or residual  herbicides can be used. There is hope that a market will develop for this product that, although it is not organic, does offer the consumer another option and provide the producer more flexibility. Weed control is attained with higher seeding rates and crop canopy. Even though a premium price would make pesticide free production much more attractive, let’s look at this option, even without a premium price. Can this still save the producer money at the end of the day? 

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Issue No. 39 - Summer 2003

It is an honor to serve as the president of SSCA. I was elected at the close of our annual meeting during our conference in February.

I farm at Radisson with my wife and 2 adult children. We have been involved in minimum and zero-till since the early 80’s, producing wheat, peas, canola, and barley. We took over this farm from my parents and we are now in transition to the next generation. The successful transition of a farm today is a lot more involved than it was in 1975 when we took over from my parents! I would like to update you with SSCA happenings. First, we held a very successful conference judging from the 900+ people that attended.

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