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Issue No. 47 - Spring 2006

In mid February, SSCA learned that it had been nominated and selected as one of 100 of Saskatchewan’s Environmental Champions.

SSCA was selected as a Champion for the significant contribution it has made to the province in agriculture, ecology and education. Due in significant part to the efforts of the SSCA, cropping practices such as summer fallow and frequent cultivation are now changing. In 1990, the SSCA secured funding from the provincial government to launch its technology transfer program to promote soil conservation practices to farmers across the province.

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Issue No. 46 - Winter 2006

The federal election call will have political candidates seeking your vote and because the outcome seems tight, they will be willing to listen to your ideas and concerns.

Carbon Offset Trading will not be the answer to Agriculture’s challenges, but it could be one of many tools to bring financial stability to the farm, if the system returns value to the farm gate. In January of 2006, Canada’s Carbon Offset Trading System is to be initiated. The federal election call may have deferred the initiation to some degree, but it will still move ahead in the New Year. We must use this opportunity to raise issues and concerns prior to the Trading System details being set in stone.

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Issue No. 45 - Summer 2005

Most producers would be quick to agree that forage crops are good for our soil resource.

Forages are also beneficial in that they remove C02, one of the harmful green house gases from the atmosphere. However, there are 2 big factors that hinder an increase in forage acres. One of these is economic. Is there a market for the forage products and what are the economic margins? The other factor is the management techniques needed for production of forage products. One of these special techniques is getting forages established.

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