Lena Syrovy

Lena Syrovy, Research Assistant, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon

Lena grew up in rural Manitoba, and finished high school on Vancouver Island after her family relocated to the west coast. After earning her undergraduate degree in Agricultural Sciences at UBC in 2005, she worked in BC’s horticulture industry as an integrated pest management consultant, and at AAFC in Saskatoon. Lena joined the Agronomy and Weed Ecology program at the U of S for her MSc in 2011, and continues to work there since completing her degree.

“Managing Weed Seed Production: The Next Revolution in Weed Control”: Herbicide resistance is a growing problem worldwide with over 450 cases of resistance reported. Canada has 61 reported cases of weed and herbicide resistant combinations.  The lack of new herbicide modes of action means that alternative methods of controlling weeds are necessary.  In Australia, there has been a lot of research on managing weed seed production through techniques such as crop topping and weed seed destruction.  Initial research results and the potential for these practices in western Canada will be presented.