Garry Richards, Richards Family Farm and Livestock Ltd., Bangor, SK

Garry, his wife Lynn, and their three children Rebekah, Evan, and Caroline have a mixed grain and cattle farm near Bangor, southeast of Melville. Garry and Lynn came back to Garry’s family’s farm in 2000. At that time Garry was a pharmacist, Lynn was a nurse, and it was their goal in the first few years to determine whether or not the farm would be viable without long-term subsidies from off-farm income. The farm was a straight grain operation in 2000, but beef cattle were added in 2002. In 2003 Garry and Lynn took a Holistic Management course and their first child, Rebekah, was born. In 2009 they started growing cover crop cocktails in an effort to become more sustainable. They strive to integrate the cattle and grain enterprises on their farm to achieve healthy land, healthy people, and healthy profits.

The Role of Cover Crops in a Sustainable Farm”:An introduction to cover crop cocktails; what they are and what they do; why we grow cover crop cocktails on our farm; how we have used cover crop cocktails on our farm and the results we have seen; practical examples of how cover crop cocktails can be used on your farm.