Conference 2017 Speaker Photo Gabe Brown
Gabe Brown, Brown’s Ranch, North

“Regenerating Landscapes for a Sustainable Future”

We believe in and practice Holistic Management, a part of which is farming and ranching in nature’s image. We strive to solve problems in a natural and sustainable way. Soil is a biological system. Its health provides the nutrients we need to sustain life, thus improving soil health must be the focus of our operation. We have practiced no-till farming since 1993. We use a diverse cropping strategy which includes cover and companion crops. We have now eliminated the use of synthetic fertilizers, fungicides, and pesticides. Our ever-evolving high density grazing strategy allows most of our pastures a recovery period of over 360 days. All these strategies have allowed the health of the soil, the mineral and water cycles to greatly improve. In other words, the natural resources have benefited. This results in increased production, profit and a higher quality of life for us. It is our belief that we need to regenerate our landscapes in order for both our and future generations to be sustainable.