Daryl Chubb, PAg, NSch

Daryl has aligned with Integrity Soils Limited to offer consultation services in Canada and the Northern U.S.A.   Over the years during his travels and research, Daryl realized that today’s agricultural practices are contributing to poor nutrient use, water uptake, and biological processes.  The outcomes of his research connected him with Integrity Soils and the tools necessary to make a difference in soil health.

Originally from central Saskatchewan, Daryl has always been passionate about agriculture, the land, and its stewards.  After completing his Bachelor of Science at the University of Saskatchewan, he managed a major cropping enterprise before starting his own agriculture consulting firm.  As a Nuffield Scholarship recipient Daryl has studied management techniques to increase nutrient efficiency and assess the agronomic challenges that come with increasing food production and quality.  During his Nuffield studies, Daryl set out to discover how efficiencies of added inputs could be increased and soon realized that it was not only about more inputs.  Instead, he concluded that agriculture is about incorporating livestock and diverse polyculture systems.

Daryl obtained his Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (BSA) and his Professional Agrologist (PAg) designation while remaining very involved in the agriculture industry, both personally and professionally through volunteer contributions, land and livestock ownership.   He resides near Irricana, Alberta on a small farm that includes cattle, hay, and rotational grazing with goals of building soil and increasing carrying capacities.

“Considering Your Limiting Factors for Achieving Your Soil Health Goals”: I will discuss the most common limiting factors that inhibit people to attain the goals or direction they want to follow.  This will include a variety of items including mindset, management, and access to products.  I will include some personal examples and farm operations that have stepped outside of the "status quo" and have figured out different ways to move towards their goals.