Derek Axten

Derek owns and operates a 6000-acre grain farm in Southern Saskatchewan with his family. He has been direct seeding since 1996 and no till since 2007. He is focused on improving soil health with diversity through rotation, intercropping, cover crops and composting.

“A Focus on Biology to Restore Soil Health”:
Derek Axten and his family have a low disturbance no-till farm in Southern Saskatchewan near Minton. They work together to protect, assess and improve their soils. Derek will share how, with the use of compost, diverse rotations with intercrops, cover crops and the re-introduction of livestock they are working to restore the soil food web. They are working to increase microbial diversity so that their soils can function properly. They feel by taking care of the soil biology and providing a suitable habitat, it will take care of their crops. Derek’s presentation shares what he feels are the basics to regenerating soil health.