Jeff Odgers

I grew up on a mixed farming operation outside of Spy Hill, SK. I had a huge passion for the family farm and playing hockey. At 16 I left home to pursue my dream and dedicated the next 17 years to playing hockey in the winter and returning home in the summer to farm. I started farming full time in 2003. That same year my parents and I converted our operations to organic. In 2012 Lynn Miller joined our operation. My sons also participate making it 5 generations. Our farm is 100% organic including the cattle. Soil health and rotations have been huge focus in the last few years.

“Trying to Find the Right Mix”: Oats are your friend - weed control, compatible with many different crops (oats peas, oats peas mustard), soil health mixes, green manure and silage, clovers in a rotation; winter cereals (rye, winter wheat, winter triticale) for spring weed control; set up irrigation pivot in fall of 2016.