Dr. Jill Clapperton

Jill Clapperton, PhD, is the Principal Scientist and Co-founder of Rhizoterra Inc. located in Spokane, Washington. She is a well-known researcher, international lecturer and advocate for practices that promote soil health. In 2013 she was the Syngenta No Till Innovator for Research and Education, other awards include the Environment Canada Patricia Roberts-Pichette Award for enthusiastic leadership and commitment to furthering ecological monitoring and assessment in Canada. Her company, Rhizoterra, believes that healthy soil grows healthy food and that makes healthy people (livestock, too). Our research farm in eastern Washington is a proving ground for new dryland crops, rotations, technology, and products that help create healthy, productive soils. We are also developing new technology to help farmers make real-time decisions about soil fertility, plant nutrition, and soil microbial activity. Rhizoterra wants agricultural businesses and consumers to make informed decisions about food based on science. For more information see www.rhizoterra.com.

“The Rulers of Underground and How They Plan to Take Over the World”:
Plants, soils and the soil biota are the Rulers of the Underground. The dynamic interactions between these founding partners determine the basis for mineral nutrient dense food, clean water, purified air, and the wellness of our World. I like to think of farmers and land owners as the business partners or collaborators in facilitating the soil health revolution. I plan to introduce the key ruling families and talk about what they do, and how we can work cooperatively with them to create healthy productive soils. We will also look at how plants provide the network, infrastructure and currency that determines the function of the belowground ecosystem, and how farmers and consumers can benefit.