Dr. Mario Tenuta

Mario is a Professor of Applied Soil Ecology at the University of Manitoba. His training includes a B.Sc. in Botany and Physical Geography, a M.Sc. in Soil Science, a Ph.D. in Plant Sciences, and Post-Doctoral research in Nematology. Mario leads The Soil Ecology Laboratory at the University of Manitoba. From 2006 to 2016 he served as the Canada Research Chair in Applied Soil Ecology. The laboratory tackles applied questions to give farmers and industry solutions to increase profitability while improving soil and environmental health. Together with many colleagues, his team has addressed many soil related issues, including; improving nitrogen use efficiency of crops, mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions, documenting the benefits of 4R nutrient management practices, development of rapid molecular tests and field surveys of emerging soilborne diseases and nematode pests of crops, and comparison of sustainability of production systems on the Canadian Prairies.

“Carbon Sequestration, Nitrous Oxide Emissions, Taxes and Greenhouse Gas Reduction Targets”:
Growers are often skeptical of the idea of reducing greenhouse gas emissions through use of management practices and carbon taxes. In this presentation we will discuss how reducing nitrous oxide emissions from cropped soil is feasible and also good stewardship of land. Compared to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by sequestering carbon, nitrous oxide emission reductions are easier to achieve in the short term, document and are permanent. I will advocate that it is in our best interest as growers and an industry to reduce nitrous oxide emissions via voluntary adoption of 4R Nitrogen Management Practices.