Dr. Dave Sauchyn

Dr. Dave Sauchyn is Professor of Geography and Environmental Studies at the University of Regina, where he’s been for the past 35 years. His main research interests are 1) the climate and hydrology of the past millennium and how knowledge of the past can inform scenarios of future climate and water supplies, and 2) planned adaption to minimize the adverse impacts of climate change. Dave has been invited to give more than 350 talks on climate change, mostly to rural audiences. He recently co-directed a five-year interdisciplinary study of the vulnerability of agricultural communities to climate extremes in Chile, Argentina, Colombia and Brazil and the Canadian Prairies.

“Soil Conservation as an Adaptation to Climate Change”:
One of the fundamental principles of adaptation to climate change is building resilient communities and economies by ensuring the health and integrity of the ecosystems that are basis of our food and water security. Most of the impact of climate change in western Canada will be caused by shifts in ecosystems and the availability of water. The resilience of agricultural ecosystems, to withstand climate extremes and change, is ensured through the proper management of soil and water. These best farming practices represent both adaptation to climate change and the foundation of sustainable agriculture.