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Issue No. 52 - Winter 2008

Twenty years is a milestone for any organization and the SSCA is no exception!

In 1987, the Manitoba – North Dakota Zero Till Association held its Annual Meeting in Regina. Following that event, the idea that Saskatchewan should have its own soil conservation association was pursued with gusto by a small group of people. A meeting was then held in Saskatoon to develop the constitution and bylaws for a new provincial soil conservation group.

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Issue No. 51 - Fall 2007

Every five years Canadian farmers are asked to participate in the Census of Agriculture.

Unlike the annual cropping statistics tracked by Statistics Canada, the census is unique in two ways: it collects information from all farmers (not just a sampling), and it tracks other production information like farm size, gross returns, input use and soil conservation practices. From SSCA’s perspective, we track several trends related to soil conservation.

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Issue No. 50 - Spring 2007

Climate change and its possible ramifications have certainly garnered the attention of the public and therefore the politicians.

This is not only in Canada but also in the United States. In January, Doyle Wiebe and I attended a carbon market conference in Washington, DC. The meeting was very well attended, far exceeding the organizers’ expectations. Almost 600 delegates attended (only 300 were originally expected). The delegates represented a very broad range of interests including academia, government (federal and state), industry, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and finance.

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