Dr. Jeff Schoenau

Dr. Jeff Schoenau, PAg, Professor and SMA Chair, Department of Soil Science, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon

Dr. Jeff Schoenau is a professor of soil fertility and professional agrologist at the U of S. He also holds the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture Soil Nutrient Management Chair in the College of Agriculture and Bioresources. Jeff was born in Saskatchewan and completed his undergraduate and graduate degrees at the U of S. His research, teaching and extension activities deal with soil fertility and fertilizer management, conservation and nutrient dynamics. He also owns and operates a grain farm with his wife Lynne near Central Butte in south-central Saskatchewan.

“Soil Fertility Benefits of Short-Rotation Forages”: Including forages such as alfalfa or clover in rotation with annual crops provides benefits including enhanced nitrogen availability and phosphorus cycling. This presentation examines these effects, covering a recent study at four sites in Saskatchewan in which the effects of having two years of alfalfa or red clover in rotation with annual crops on the forms and availability of soil phosphorus and nitrogen, and effects on following annual crops, was evaluated.