12 Jan

Spring Issue No. 66, 2015 In This Issue of the Prairie Steward

This issue of the Prairie Steward will focus exclusively on the Saskatchewan Soil Conservation Association’s 27th Annual Conference held at Prairieland Park in Saskatoon on January 12th, 2015. The United Nations declared 2015 to be “International Year of Soils” and the SSCA chose to celebrate and honour that declaration by using it as our conference theme. 

The SSCA continues to search out and bring informative and entertaining speakers from wide-ranging backgrounds to this event: from producers testing new methods in their own fields, to people in the agriculture industry developing new equipment, to academics researching practices.

This year our conference speakers ranged from an entrepreneurial producer, to a passionate advocate for urban agriculture, to a researcher who proved that governments have seen an almost 40% return for every dollar they invested in research in zero-till.

Rounding out the day, other speakers addressed new innovations such as a new precision seeding tool and controlled traffic farming (separating the crop from traffic zones developed mostly by equipment wheel tracks). Invasive weeds were highlighted, especially those in Western Canada and improving soil health through biodiversity in the micro-organism population was discussed. Excessive moisture in areas of the Prairie Provinces over the past few years prompted research in alternative uses for cattails that could see the reclamation of phosphorous.

And of course, there was that guy who brought a drone in his carry-on bag to Saskatoon and inspired everyone with his vision for using unmanned
aerial vehicles to benefit agriculture.

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